The Hungry Hippo Board Game Café

We'll see you real soon kids!

THE HUNGRY HIPPO, ADELAIDE'S LOCAL BOARD GAME CAFÉ. We have tasty drinks and snacks, local tunes and huge selection of games for you to come and play late into the night. 


We have a wide range of new and nostalgic games available for everyone to play.
Some people already have something in mind they’d like to play while other people are keen to try something new but don’t always know where to start. If that’s you, here is a few games we think are a great start to any night at The Hippo. As always, if you're still stuck we're always keen to help find a game that might suit your group. 

Choose below which time frame suits you.

Short and sweet games for 1-30 minutes of play

Great games for 30-60 minutes of play

Get ready to sink your teeth in with 60 and more minutes of play