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The Hungry Hippo’s Ticket to Ride Tournament 2015

Terms and Conditions

1.1 The game: 
For the purpose of this tournament Ticket to Ride game will be used without expansions.

1.2. Tournament format:
The tournament will be held over three 1 hour rounds . The minimum number of players per table for Ticket to Ride tournament is 3.

2.. Registration:
Each participant must fill a player card (PC) with their first and last name. The PC will be used to keep track of the score during the tournament and to determine the seating positions.

3. Rounds:
Each qualifier round lasts 60 minutes.
At the end of the 60 minutes, the game stops at the end of the current player’s turn. Players are sorted for the next round according to their Victory Points (VP).

3.1 Schedule of play:

6:30PM: Explain instructions and flow of play.
7:00PM: Game 1 begins.
8:00PM: Game 1 ends.
8:10PM: Game 2 begins.
9:10PM: Game 2 ends.
9:20PM: Game 3 begins.
10:20PM: Game 3 ends.
10:30PM: Winner announcements.

3.2. Players seating:
Each table must seat 3 players. Spill over should bring tables up to 4 then 5.
The first round is seated randomly. Players cannot change seating position or tables after the seating is arranged.

3.2. Points:
Each player receives Victory Points according to the points they had at the end of each game. The player with the most VPs will be declared the winner.

3.3. Ties:
Any relevant ties at the end of 3 rounds will be broken by the Players’ Point Percentage (Example: 10 VPs is 50% of a 20 VP game).

4. Final:
At the end of the 3rd qualifier round, the best ranked players by VP then by PPP, 
game with no time limit. Whoever wins the final game will be the winner of the tournament.

5 Referees:
If rules are broken at a table players have to call for a referee immediately.
The ruling of a referee is final and players have to accept the decision. If a broken rule is not reported to a referee, players accept this as a regular play and therefore accept the game to be rated normally.
The referees can disqualify players from the tournament if the rules of the game are broken on purpose by a player with the intent of winning the game. The disqualification can only be made during a running game or immediately after finishing a game.
A disqualification is not possible anymore once the tournament is over.

6. Stalling:
It is considered unsportsmanlike to slow down the play, especially while in the lead. A player acting in such way will be issued a warning by the tournament organizer.
If the warned player continues to stall, he will be eliminated from the game and will receive 0 VP for this round. There will be no second warning.

7. Photography:
By participating in the event, ticket holders are knowingly participating in an event where photographs and/or video and audio may be taken. By attending the event, the ticket holder consents to being interviewed and/or photographed; audio recordings and/or video recordings being made of the ticket holder; the release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction of the above mentioned interviews, photographs, audio recordings and/or video recordings for use in any news articles or programmes, web-casts, promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, inclusion on web sites, or for any other purpose(s) related to The Hungry Hippo Board Game Café that The Hungry Hippo Board Game Café management and/or representatives deem fit. 
By attending the Event, the attendee releases The Hungry Hippo Board Game Café management and employees, and each and all persons involved in carrying out the event from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publication of any interviews, photographs, computer images, video and/or audio recordings for The Hungry Hippo Board Game Café purposes.

Qualifier rounds (QR): The three rounds of games played to sort the players and determine the 6 finalists.
Stalling: action of purposely play slowly in order to gain an advantage in the game (for being in the lead, for example).
Victory Points (VP): the total number of points obtained by a player during a game of Ticket to Ride Player's Point Percentage (PPP): Calculated as shown (Player A's Victory points / total sum of points
in Qualifier round game) x 100. For example…
Game 1: Player A gets 100 VPs, there were 320 VPs at the table at the end of Game 1.
100/320 is 0.3125, 0.3125x100 is 31.25. So Player A’s percentage is: 31,25%.